Ordway PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting 3/4/22

9:00-10:00 AM

In attendance: Erica Beyer, Grier James, Annie Jamison, Robin Cimprich, Gina Stecher, Shelby Stoner, Janette Dodge, Jess Cochran, Kate Jaffe, Maribel Gordon, Meghan Shaffer, Robert Black, Sarah Dunstan, Shaun Baesman, Micaela Ross

  • Welcome/Format of Meeting/PTOCC Update – Erica/Grier
  • Principal’s Update: Dr. Debra Dunn
    1. Current student body is 350 students, about 10 more than Wilkes and Blakeley.
    2. Mask update: “optional masking” begins 3/14/22. Staff encouraged to do what feels comfortable.
  • In-School Volunteer/Other Needs and Updates – Sarah Dunstan
    1. We are doing well with morning and lunch volunteers – thank you!
    2. Request to advertise for clothing drive. We do have a limited supply, but due to wet weather, we are running low.  We are requesting items with elastic waistbands, t-shirts, socks – think simple!
      1. Looking for sizes ranging from Kinder-10 year olds, both boys and girls.
      2. Please deliver to the front office.
    3. To-Do: Meghan offering to help with the reader board
  • Guest Speaker Presentation – Janette Dodge, School Counselor
    1. BSF put the counselors together to think about what they are seeing to compare how different ages/schools feel this school year.
    2. Today, we’re in a very different phase since even the initial return to school last Sept.
    3. There’s a real focus on the word “trauma.” Lots of changes for the students – housing, schooling, learning.  There’s a higher rate of depression at BHS.  We are a district of “high expectations” academically, and that is having a big negative impact at BHS.
    4. There was a lot of anger – anger from students, parents. We need to present information in a way that acknowledges anger comes from trauma.
    5. Behavior challenges with students: we have had to rebuild trust with students, families, the public. Student have memory challenges, and need to relearn skills like compromise and cooperation with peers.
    6. There’s a renewed focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), participating in “Go Zen” curriculum.
    7. There’s a lot more unity and cross-collaboration between the schools (both between the elems, and also younger + older schools)
  • Communications – Kate:
    1. To-Do (Kate): Newsletter going out next week, and will include the following: teacher appreciation week, Wine-Down Wed., carnival, clothing drive, treasurer’s report, soliciting photos for yearbook, call for more volunteers (see Enrichment-related projects).
  • Treasurer’s Report – Robin 
    1. Update on incoming funds. Overall, Feb. is a quiet month.
    2. Background details provided regarding funds provided to the El Velero intern.
  • Secretary’s Report – Stefanie
    1. Monthly minutes will be available along with the treasurer’s monthly report on the PTO website (https://bainbridgeptos.org/ordway/)
    2. To-Do (Stefanie): Update all recent minutes.
  • Enrichment Updates and Call for Volunteers – Gina
    1. dance club, Gina is leading 20 min of dance for each grade.
    2. Many gardening donations and starts coming in.
    3. “Green Team Ambassadors” program is starting next week (3/7), includes recycling efforts both in classrooms and during lunch.
    4. Basketball Club – starting soon. But the hoops are too high for these-aged kids.
      1. Gina Project: ordering plexiglass backboards, and planning for a dedication to honor recently-passed parent of Ord and Sakai students.
    5. Flag football upgrades – added flags and new equipment for recess.
    6. Bee-keeping speaker – hoping to have her come in mid-March to mid-April as an enrichment activity.
    7. Volunteering update – we don’t have any volunteers yet, but Gina will coordinate with Maribel regarding same.
  • Volunteering – Maribel
    1. We have only 14 names signed up so far. Suggestion to send another ask out to all parents.
    2. Reach out to Maribel or Micaela for the list of volunteers available (micaelakross@hotmail.com and maribelcgordon@gmail.com)
    3. Sign up to volunteer: https://bainbridgeptos.org/ordway-pto-volunteer/
  • Site Counsel and Campus Beautification – Shaun
    1. Site Counsel – no updates.
    2. Gardening – one more bed needing prepped, and all others are ready for planning.
  • Carnival/Carnival Committee Formation – Gillian Fisher, Carnival Chair
    1. Date – 5/20!
    2. Reach out to Gillian (gillianfisher3@gmail.com), who is actively recruiting volunteers who would like to work on this traditional Ordway community event.
    3. Please reach out to Gillian if interested – many opportunities are available pre-event and during the carnival!
  • Reminder:  Community Event – “Wine Down Wednesday” 3/16, 5:00-7:00 PM
    1. Fletcher Bay Winery at the Coppertop location – no host/PTO-provided snacks. Join us!
  • Appreciation Days – Call for Lead(s) and Committee formation for Education Support Professionals (formerly Classified) and Unclassified (Teacher) Appreciation Days (One volunteer can lead both as in the past)
    1. Volunteer coordinator: Ashley Seffernick
    2. March 14-18, 2022 is Education Support Professionals Week.
    3. Teacher Appreciation Weekis celebrated during the first full week of May each year (5/2-5/6).
      1. It’s worth taking some time to think about the big picture—what do we want to do for teacher appreciation? Consider the overall personality of our community.
      2. Would the teachers like one big luncheon celebration or a low-key approach with a small gift for each staff person?
  • In past years, we have done events like renting the local movie theater for a private showing. Other ideas?
  • Yearbook – Submit photos and images to Tanith de Boer deboer@gmail.com
    1. Tanith works with Mrs. Graham, so feel free to connect with both!
  • El Velero – no updates this month.
  • Next month’s meeting: 4/1/22
    1. Email Erica with agenda items (ericab@inhousellc.com)
  • Adjourn – 10:24 AM

PTO Meeting 2/4/22 – General Session

8:30-9:00 AM

In attendance: Erica Beyer, Debra Dunn, Robin Cimprich, Grier James, Shaun Baseman, Meghan Shaffer, Peter Bang-Knudsen, Grace Feldman, Sarah Dunstan, Elias Gordon, Kate Jaffe, Jess  Cochran, Maribel Gordon, Jacqueline Brasefield, Gillian Macdonald, Christina Cielusniak, Ariana Mohit


General Session – 8:30 – 9:00

  1. Peter Bang-Knudsen – Superintendent Update
    1. COVID update
  1. Numbers are dropping rapidly.
  2. Moving from a “pandemic” approach to an “endemic” approach.
  • BISD will continue to follow statewide guidelines, and now we’re looking at: how can we do this while bringing back the spark and joy among students and staff?
    1. Districtwide survey taking place now.  You are encouraged to fill this out!
  1. Dr. Debra Dunn – Principal’s Update
    1. Three new families to Ordway, and one family who moved away.  We are still growing!
    2. Appreciation for the staff luncheon in January; overall, the staff felt appreciated and successful through conferences.
    3. Kindergarden welcome night – Feb. 9th
    4. El Velero info night – Feb. 16th
    5. “Real” Valentine’s Day is coming, and there is much excitement and gratitude.
  2. Q&A
    1. Spring Carnival?
  1. PBK: We are suggesting schools make plans outside, as we think those events are almost certainly able to happen.
    1. What are parent concerns for 6 months from now?
  1. What might next year look like?
  2. The success of spring activities and spring sports will continue to shift the conversation.
  • Student attrition rates.
    1. Qs for the PTO:
  1. Lack of communication from PTO, about the PTO – we would like more info regarding future PTO meetings. I’d like to be able to have more involvement and would like to be helpful.
  2. Request for more transparency, in regards to budget and other efforts of the PTO.


PTO Meeting 2/4/22 – Board Session (Closed)

9:00-10:29 AM

In attendance: Robin Cimprich, Shaun Baesman, Grier James, Erica Beyer, Gina Stecher, Maribel Gordon, Kate Jaffe, Sarah Dunstan, Ariana Mohit, Stefanie Baldwin

Board Session 9:00 – 10:30

  1. Site Council – Shaun
    1. Overview of efforts to revamp the school garden.  Estimate of $2000 needed for new lumber and other supplies.
  2. Enrichment Updates and Sustainability – Gina
    1. Upcoming Enrichment Activities
  1. Details: Kids can opt to do an enrichment activity with a volunteer parent.  These activities will be take place during the lunch period, and no longer being offered as an after-school club.
  2. Gardening Club – will be starting 3/1/22 during lunch period.
  • “Green Team Ambassadors” – student recycling and food waste crew! Start date TBD, as we are waiting on supplies from the district.
    1. Campus beautification bulb drive
  1. Start date TBD, but will send out an ask in upcoming newsletter for parents to donate bulbs and/or join for a planting Saturday
    1. To-Do (Ariana): Confirm status and potential for compassionate playground project –
  1. Volunteer Coordination – Micaela and Maribel
    1. Report volunteer hours with Sarah Dunstan – SUG and Google docs
    2. Bay Hay T-Shirt Distribution – Waiting on date from Bay Hay.
  1. To-do (Erica): Follow up again with Bay Hay for a status report
    1. Carnival – Connected our potential Co-Chairs with Jen Bugge for Q&A about what is involved/what can potentially still be part of the carnival experience.  Parents outside of the board will be added to the committee.
    2. Upcoming needs/asks: bulbs/gardening, Laura Nelson library needs, staff appreciation week, contact point for art teacher needs, Wine Down Wed., carnival
  1. To-Do (Everyone!): Email Maribel and Micaela with their volunteer needs by Wed 2/9. Outline the opportunity, including a link if applicable, the number of volunteers requested, and the deadline for volunteer responses.
  2. To-Do (Kate/Micaela): Add these to the PTO website.
  • To-Do (Maribel/Micaela): Email list to Kate by next Friday 2/11.
  1. Goal is to have it all managed in a Google doc. Note that it will go out to 450 contacts.
  2. Future goal is to have a “Volunteer ‘A’ Team” for last-minute volunteer needs
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Robin
    1. Request to add Grier to bank account.  Motioned and seconded; voted to approve.
    2. Teacher Grants – Communicating the opportunity today, 2/4.
  1. Application is ready to go, and Robin will send into to Sarah to relay to teachers via email with the app attached.
    1. To-do (Kate): Add treasurer’s report to newsletter, Robin get to Kate
  1. Ordway School Experience
    1. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Teacher Appreciation lunch
  1. Observations/What worked well – wine & cheese! Using real plates!  Staff were very appreciative.
    1. Community Building – “Wine Down Wednesday” at Fletcher Bay
    2. Social Emotional Learning for students and teachers
  1. Janette Dodge, Ordway School Counselor to join the general session at March meeting – Raising Resilience link to be shared with Ordway community in the meantime
  2. Proposed: ASL community building activity in partnership with BI High School ASL club – Erica.
    1. Could be a “choice” time on Fridays activity.
  • “Only One You” book/rock project pushed to spring – Debra Dunn
  1. Communications – Kate
    1. Calendar
    2. Upcoming communications topics – newsletter to go out 2/14
  1. Thank you for the staff lunches.
  2. Wine down Wed.
  • Bulbs/gardening project needs.
  1. Laura Nelson library needs (?)
  2. Yearbook Committee request for photos
  1. Secretary’s Report – Stefanie
    1. To-Do (Stefanie): Send meeting min to Micaela/Maribel
  2. El Velero Coordination – Ariana
    1. PAC Updates.
    2. Info night coming up 2/16.
    3. Curriculum – add’l classroom materials requested.
    4. Growing a Spanish library for the EV kids.
  3. New Business/Spring Planning
    1. Shifting PTO meeting time.
    2. Shifting PTO meeting invites.
    3. Providing flatware/plates for staff room.
    4. Parent asks – not just time, but donation opportunities available.
  4. Adjourn – motion and seconded, adjourned at 10:29

PTO Meeting 1/7/22 – General Session

8:30-9:00 AM

In attendance: Erica Beyer, Sarah Dunstan, Grier James, Pondra Perkins, Micaela Ross, Kate J___, Rachel Hofer, Maribel Gordon, Jacqueline ___, Jess Cochran, Jane Foster, Robin Cimprich, Shaun Baesman, Loren Bast (Bainbridge Prepares), Sara Daubenberger, Stefanie Baldwin

  1. Principal’s Update: Dr. Debra Dunn
    1. Excited energy coming back from break, from both students and staff. The break felt restorative and we are all happy to be back.
    2. Teachers are working on student assessments and preparing for upcoming conferences, held 1/26-1/28.
    3. Updated COVID info:
      1. Current case count is 6, new quarantined count is 0. We expect more cases coming back from break.
      2. Expected update we’re likely to receive from PBK today – staffing issues remain our biggest concern with COVID numbers. If a teacher or staff member go out, there are tiered plans in place.  Classroom or school closures are the last resort.
  • Grier: he did touch on it a bit yesterday. He said a staff closure day would look more like a “snow day,” and school would be closed, without doing virtual learning, for the 1-2 days of closure.
  1. Mask update – kids are now able to go maskless outside, regardless of 6’ distancing. Most kids do still wear them.  We as a school haven’t made a big announcement to the kids about it, because BISD sent the message to families.  We would like to share with parents that it’s up to them to have the conversation and make the decision with their families, rather than the admin starting the conversation for the parents.
  1. Spring Carnival and after-school enrichment activities– may or may not happen depending on COVID. We are not making decisions at this time, but will see how the numbers are looking over the next month to determine plans for late spring.
    1. Regardless, our efforts aren’t in vain, because we’ll use our research and planning next year, so committees are encouraged to continue planning.
  2. To-do: admin would like a PTO rep at Site Counsel/the leadership meeting (date?)
  1. Ordway School Experience
    1. Breakfast and Lunch PTO Support – signups are going well (thank you, Erica!), Volunteer Paperwork is mostly in, and Sarah Dunstan is getting up to date with new ones.
    2. Continue to encourage kids to bring warm gear to school – and especially boots for the foreseeable future.
    3. To-do: Shaun to triage the status of who and where Classroom Parents are or are needed.
  2. “Otter Joy” Fundraising Recap – Pondra
    1. Efforts are going well! We raised just shy of $20k.  Data is all available on the Chuffed.org site.
    2. Winner of the parking spot is the Daubenberger family. 2 kids were also selected to be “Principal For A Day.”
    3. Will we revisit fundraising as a possible spring fundraiser? Possibly, as we may need to fill in some gaps in funding.  We will reassess in the next 1-2 months.
  3. Volunteer Coordination – Micaela and Maribel
  4. Google sharing/calendaring is being used for easier communication and coordination – Micaela is the owner of Google sheets.
  5. To-do: Request for Sarah D. to remove the personal emails from the publicly-visible volunteer list
  6. Teacher lunch during conferences (Tuesday send-off, 1/25). Volunteers are requested to deliver soup and/or a pasta or baked potato bar.
    1. Date changed to Tuesday, 1/25.
    2. Email Erica if you’re willing to contribute to the lunch (lunches/desserts/drinks); Robin was there all day during the October luncheon, and that worked well for coordination and clean up during the day.
  7. Bay Hay T-Shirt Distribution – we are still waiting on pick-up date from Bay Hay; last update was “we’re having supply chain issues,” so there’s no ETA at this time.
  8. To-do: Carnival – Connect our potential co-chairs with Jen Bugge for Q&A about what is involved/what can potentially still be part of the carnival experience
  1. Presentation from Bainbridge Prepares (Executive Director Loren Bast)
  2. We are 1/3 of the triangle – BFD, and City of BI are our partners
  3. For accurate and up to date vax rates – Kitsap Public Health is best resource; over 80% of kids fully vaxed
  4. Local (WA) hospital system is over capacity, both in emergency and non-emergent categories. After-care facilities (i.e. nursing home, rehab/PT facilities) are also full + facing staffing shortages, which puts excess strain on hospitals.

PTO Meeting 1/7/22 – Board Session (Closed)

9:43-10:34 AM


In attendance: Grier, Stefanie, Micaela, Pondra, Shaun, Kate, Gina, Maribel, Robin

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Robin
  2. December 2021 update – $16k came in for “Ordway Gives Big” (Dec. alone), and a total of $6,900 in for Dec.
  3. Scholastic Book Fair – we don’t make anything from the event, but see how much is spent, $5,516
  4. Enrichment grant – $5k in enrichment and classroom materials (which comes from “Ordway Gives Big”). We will invite teachers to apply via an application process.
    1. We are recommending adding another $5k to the pot from our savings/reserve fund, so there would be a total of $10,000 offered for Enrichment. Ideally, we recommend having this amount every year, but for now, it’s a one-time $10,000 enrichment grant for this year (school year 2021-22).
    2. Blakeley has an “Enrichment” position on the PTO who handles this process every year.
  • How will we determine whether an application gets accepted (i.e. we don’t want it going for general supplies).
  1. There are some outstanding loose ends, i.e. timeline – how can we start this as quickly as possible, to get the $ spent and the enrichment happening?
  2. Needed review process for applications – think about how we want to spend the money; do we spend it all at once, or should it be a rolling process until the $ is gone?
  3. Proposal: Robin – add $5k from reserve to the Enrichment Fund. Seconded by _____.
    1. Vote – motion passes, $5,000 to be added from reserve funds to the current enrichment grant.
  4. We also received an inquiry about faculty room furniture
  5. Communications – Kate
  6. We did send out a fundraising ask in Dec., but we haven’t done so in Jan.
  7. Newsletter – will come out the week of 1/10, and will acknowledge the folks who won the biggest prizes. Other adds:
    • Bay Hay orders – still no update, but they’ll come when we get it.
    • Thank Bainbridge Prepares for coming to speak at today’s meeting.
  1. COVID testing – thank you to our volunteers!
  2. Add in a treasurer’s blurb – here’s how much $ we received, here were your donation amounts, thank you to parents.
  3. Room parents.
  • Calendar reminders (upcoming conferences, MLK Day).
  1. Enrichment Updates – Gina
  2. Upcoming activities – Spring after school programs, we are getting the ball rolling.
  3. Spoke with Ms. Decina, and plans are coming together. B/c of COVID, we’re not sure we’ll get clearance to do it.  Dunn will give us the final “go” or not later this winter.
  4. To-do: Gina to make spreadsheet for Dr. Dunn for proposed activities, coordinators, and supplies needed for same.
  5. To-do: Gina will also send invites to the teachers to host, as they get first dibs on activities.
  6. Possible topic ideas: jump rope, Legos, garden club, running club.
  7. Where do funds come from for supplies (Legos, jump ropes, etc) – To-do: Gina to confirm
  8. ordwayenrichment@gmail.com
  9. Secretary’s Report – Stefanie
  10. Yearbook committee (Tanith and Erin Graham) update – things are on track and coming along. Neither will be able to make today’s or February PTO meeting.
  11. To-do: Grier to send the button contest winning entry to Tanith for yearbook use.

(Stefanie left at 10:30; the following notes from Grier)

  1. El Velero Coordination – Arianna
    1. PAC Updates – no updates
  2. Coordination that would be beneficial
  3. Site Council – Shaun
  4. New Business/Fall Planning
  5. All events are parent led and not school sponsored events
  6. PAC Updates – no Updates.
  7. To-do: Grier will reach out to Dr. Dunn about how she wants to meet with Site Council.
  8. Other Proposed New Business
    1. Agenda item for next month: open vs. closed sessions of PTO meeting, how much time to dedicate and what meeting time works best for the group, what format to meet (Zoom/live).
  9. Adjourn: Grier motioned, Shaun second, all agreed.

PTO Meeting 12/3/21 – General Session

8:30-9:00 AM

In attendance: Erica Beyer, Robin Cimprich, Sarah Dunstan, Grier James, Pondra Perkins, Micaela Ross, Gina Stecher, Kate J___, Shaun Baesman, Ariana Mohit, Gillian MacDonald

  1. Principal’s Update: Dr. Debra Dunn
    1. ORD has several new students starting after Winter Break
    2. New COVID cases are occurring mostly from outside-school contacts
      1. We are sending info home for students who are out; they aren’t expected to keep up 100% of the in-classroom work, but we give them some things to do.
      2. Possible updates/loosening of certain restrictions coming after the New Year.
    3. Otter buttons – huge success!
    4. Looking to 2022: “Only One You” book and rock garden project
      1. 4th graders as potential leaders for this project, finding of smooth rocks
      2. Making this a unified across all Elems project?
    5. Open Q&A
      1. Welcoming new parent Gillian MacDonald and family (Kinder)
      2. How are staff doing on the social/emotional front? Are they needing or missing support?
        1. We have a very close staff. Weekly meetings occurring in-person with various portions of staff.  Once/month we meet with the entire staff to be together in-person.
        2. Overview of next week’s teacher support efforts (daily 12/6-12/10)
  • Coquette luncheon
  1. Looking to 2022: Would like to plan a bike safety week. Starting point would be to utilize BIP&R materials.
  2. To-Do: Welcome packet for new parents – Ariana
  3. Scholastic Book Fair (tabled for closed meeting)
  4. Fundraising update: currently at about 40-45% of goal


PTO Meeting 12/3/21 – Board Session

9:05-10:34 AM

In attendance: Erica Beyer, Robin Cimprich, Sarah Dunstan, Grier James, Pondra Perkins, Micaela Ross, Gina Stecher, Kate J___, Shaun Baesman, Ariana Mohit

  1. Board Business: Voting in new Secretary (Stefanie Baldwin) – vote confirmed
  2. Ordway School Experience and Current Issues:
    1. Breakfast hiccups – kids on late buses are routinely missing breakfast.
      1. To-Do: Shaun to attend next staff meeting to discuss options for these late students with all staff. How prevalent is it, and what can we do to help?
    2. Madison House/Madrona House holiday efforts – Gina did not get a lot of teacher response to run these efforts in the classes. Teachers are already stretched during this short month.
      1. To-Do: PTO parents to make direct efforts to have their own kids do the holiday cards/letters.
      2. To-Do: Gina will set up a collection box on site at ORD for the week of 12/6-12/10, and will then collect and distribute.
    3. Social/Emotional wellbeing of students
      1. At meeting 12/2, PBK chimed in re: kids doing well, and what’s going well for them.
      2. Regarding teachers and staff: this is the responsibility of the Principals to ensure.
  • Jeanette – it is suggested to request that her small and individual meetings occur during recess times, as opposed to or in addition to in-class times.
  1. To-Do: How can we ensure and advertise for making resources available to go home with kids/parents as needed?
  1. Scholastic Book Fair feedback:
    1. General view – there were very limited options this year, both in breadth and depth of subjects and materials (particularly for Spanish-speaking materials and variety of chapter books for older students)
    2. One option is to change up our host organization. Eagle Harbor Books has also held book fair-type fundraisers in the past, and may be able to arrange again.
  • To-Do: Ariana – will connected with Laura Nelson to discuss other options or improvements for next time
  1. Button Design Contest – very popular, generated a lot of excitement
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Robin
    1. Overview of debits and credits for November; generally a high month for incoming funds, primarily due to success of fundraising efforts.
    2. Some teachers are having struggles with their supply orders.
    3. Looking to 2022: Let’s provide supply reimbursement clarification to teachers in the new year.
  2. Communications Report – Kate
    1. Put out another fundraiser notice on Tuesday 11/29, and always see an immediate response (both via email, and less so via social media).
    2. Newsletter – will come out in early next week of 12/6.
      1. Primary message – Ordway Gives Big! All funds are due 12/15 (this is the extended deadline)
      2. Newsletter will also add info about the holiday card boxes.
  • Include local holiday activities: Ice skating down at Lynnwood Center, Nutcracker/Annie student performers in Dec-Jan.
  1. Volunteer Coordination – Micaela
    1. Looking to 2022: We are aiming to get a standard list of regularly available volunteers for short-notice help.
    2. Upcoming volunteer needs expected:
      1. Otter-wear distribution (ETA: TBD).
      2. Classified, Teacher Appreciation, Certified Teacher Appreciation – need volunteers to help coordinate these efforts (ETA: no deadline).
  • January conference days include a staff luncheon (Date: 1/26-1/28).
  1. To-Do: Micaela to add volunteer requests for next week’s newsletter (via Kate)
  1. Fundraising Update – Pondra
    1. $31,330 raised so far
    2. We are out of water bottles – great news!
    3. We also have 1+ donor at the $1,000 level, as well as more $500+ donors than recent years.
  2. Enrichment Coordinator Updates – Gina
    1. To-Do: Reach out previous Enrichment Coordinator (name?) regarding previous staff efforts to assist with after school programs in spring (i.e. Garden Club).
      1. What other club(s) would generate interest? What are staff interested in hosting?
    2. To-Do: Ordway ice skating night at Lynwood – Gina to reach out regarding dates, $, other coordination needs.
  3. Secretary’s Report – Stefanie
    1. Show up to meetings, posting minutes,
    2. Looking to 2022: shifting PTO meetings in person. If and when this occurs, we suggest a shift towards then end of school day (Fridays at 12:30?)
  4. El Velero Representative – Ariana
    1. Current focus is on successful community building.
  5. Site Counsel – Shaun
    1. No updates at this time.
  6. New Business
    1. New signage in front hallways – when do we want to put this up?
    2. School store – is there enough interest, and who would take the lead on this effort?
    3. To-Do (Stefanie): Yearbook updates – invite Tanith and Erin to Jan. meeting for updates.
  7. Adjourn: 10:34 AM
    1. Motion to adjourn. Seconded by Erica.  Adjournment passed.