Odyssey PTO Fundraising

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Emily Crandall
Jen Larson
OPTO Parents and Fundraiser Coordinators

9530 High School Road,
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Tel: 206.780.1646
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Donate today to help us GROW our General Fund. This is the fund that pays for all of our learning activities.

Here is a breakdown of who pays for what:

  • District:  Pays for teachers, buildings and programs
  • BSF: Pays for special programs and funds specific teacher grants
  • OPTO: Pays for all of our extras

And guess who pays OPTO? You do! Without your donations we would not be able to subsidize miniclasses and outdoor education, keep Fort Flagler costs so low, reimburse parents for miniclass costs, buy library books and so many other things.

OPTO funds support the magical things that make Odyssey, well, Odyssey.

Please give today. Click on the donate button now!

How do we spend the money raised?

Many student activities are funded by OPTO, including, but certainly not limited to Harvest Fair, Science Fair, Mini-classes, Graduation, and the 5/6 Play are all made possible by OPTO funds. Programs and Activities including Field Trips, Assemblies, Art Docents and Arts Education Consortium programs are all funded by the PTO.

Additional funding for Art Supplies and Playground/Recess Supplies ensure our kids and teachers have the tools they need to teach the students at work and play. Classroom Enhancement grants money for all teacher/specialist ensure each instructor has materials needed to supplement learning in the classroom. OPTO also provides funds for Staff Development to make sure our teachers can do the best job possible for our children.

Each year OPTO works with the principal and staff to identify major needs at Odyssey. In years past OPTO has funded new playground equipment, Smartboardsmusical instruments, digital cameras, a sound system, and the garden, as well as many other items that would not have been possible without the support from the Odyssey families!

All of this would not be possible without your support.

We thank you!!!